Future Finance - Issue #113: Compound and Coinbase To Offer DeFi Savings Products to Normies, Twitter Drops Some NFTs And The ABCs Of DAOs





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Future Finance
Future Finance - Issue #113: Compound and Coinbase To Offer DeFi Savings Products to Normies, Twitter Drops Some NFTs And The ABCs Of DAOs
By Alan Tsen • Issue #113 • View online
Hi, FF fam! I trust you’ve all had a great week.
This week we saw Coinbase and Compound make moves to bring defi yields to fintech normies via savings products.
As competition continues to heat up in the consumer fintech space, products that allow users to access defi yields will be the next frontier for challenger banks as they look to differentiate their offerings. We’re already seeing players like Current (see tweet below) lean in with what looks to be a product that provides access to Compound’s high-yield interest rates. I can’t wait to see this in the wild!
We also saw Twitter drop some fun NFTs on Rarible this week that caught everyone by surprise. My personal fav was the reply guy one. 😂
And always, there’s no shortage of news from the industry. So grab a coffee (or beer), and let’s get into this week’s news from the world of open and decentralised finance.
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— Alan Tsen 👊💯
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Things You Should Know About This Week
Dennis Porter
The President of El Salvador @nayibbukele is literally explaining step-by-step on National TV how to use bitcoin.

He is also giving $30 in $BTC to every citizen who downloads the government app, but they aren’t required.

This is true leadership! 🇸🇻 https://t.co/OUHHtLvRY5
We're excited to work with Compound Treasury and be able to give our members access to the protocol’s interest rates through a simple, unified experience that can enable even more people to improve their financial outcomes. https://t.co/oSgkqikCTD
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