Future Finance - Issue #128: Element Finance Raises $32m, Web3 Protocols Are Gaining Adoption And WorldCoin Becomes A Unicorn





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Future Finance
Future Finance - Issue #128: Element Finance Raises $32m, Web3 Protocols Are Gaining Adoption And WorldCoin Becomes A Unicorn
By Alan Tsen • Issue #128 • View online
Welcome to another issue of Future Finance, your weekly off-chain newsletter about the world of on-chain finance.
And always, there’s no shortage of news from the industry. So grab a coffee (or beer), and let’s get into this week’s news from the world of open and decentralised finance.
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📰 News This Week
Element Finance raises $32 million for its DeFi fixed rate protocol
Mason Nystrom
Several Web3 protocols are gaining adoption.

As a result, these protocols are generating revenue based on network usage, a clear sign of growing demand.

Quick Thread of Web3 Revenue 👇🏻 https://t.co/HhdS0khA5M
Legitimacy Lost
Crypto lending firm Celsius Network raises $400M
As the NFT Market Explodes Again, Artists Fend Off Old Art-World Power Structures
PleasrDAO adds $4M ‘OG NFT’ Wu-Tang Clan album to its collection
How to DAO 201: Onboarding as Wayfinding
Terra Blockchain is Set to Connect to the Cosmos Ecosystem
Worldcoin, Now Valued at $1B, Has Grand Plans to Get You to Gaze Into the Orb
The promise, pitfalls & possibilities of Web3: case study music
DeFi 2.0 Wave of New Projects Test Liquidity Mining Alternatives
🎧 Podcasts Of The Week
Tokenomics and Ecosystem Growth with Tom Schmidt of Dragonfly
Talking Crypto #72 - Zeus from Olympus DAO
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